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Brandi Glanville is drinking and tweeting and boy have I enjoyed it! A Short Review.

If you are at all familiar with Brandi Glanville, then you know that she isn't the type of girl that beats around the bush or minces words in any way. That is one of the reasons, heck the major reason, why I couldn't wait to read her book, Drinking and Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders. It is Brandi's autobiography and is co-writter by Leslie Bruce.
And can I just tell you how great it is? IT IS GREAT! It was so great , in fact, that I had to make myself put the book down a couple of times, because I didn't want to finish it too quickly. Yes. I loved it that much.

I am the type of reader that really must be entertained, even captivated, for a book to hold my interest. And, this is one book that did not disappoint. And apparently, I am far from alone in my opinion. The book is a  NY Times Best Seller after all. I am not at all surprised. It's a great success for Glanville, especially because so many of her cohorts have also written books, and many have had much less  favorable reviews.

By: Free Stock Photos
Glanville's claim to fame has been her spot as a "housewife" on the hit Bravo franchise, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is also the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, a little known Cuban actor who is now married to country singer LeAnn Rimes.

If you are a Brandi fan, I can pretty much guarantee that you will just LOVE this book! I just did not want to put it down. It may be one of the few books that I actually read again!

Brandi delves right into the private details of her life in this book. The good, bad, sad and ugly, and she does it in a way that makes you root for her every step of the way! She writes about her life as a housewife and mother, her marriage and it's break up. And this is what this book centers on, along with Brandi's ways of coping with the dissolution of the  marriage and her family life.And although it can be sad at times, it is very entertaining to read. Glanville has a way of speaking that is biting and delicious all at once. She just says it like it is! And I just adore that about her.

Brandi and Ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.
She speaks about her history growing up in a very inner city part of Sacramento Ca., and her obsession with blue eyeliner and eyebrow plucking. She also speaks in detail about meeting her ex-husband, actor Eddie Cibrian and the tumultuous, yet very passionate, marriage that was shared between them resulting in them having two little boys together. She also talks very candidly about the other woman, and her very real feelings about her, much of which has been very public.

This book is a gem. The reviews are right, it is just good and fun. If you are a Brandi fan you will love her even more after reading the book. And, if you are not too familiar with Ms. Brandi, I think this book will make you a fan. She is so honest that you cannot help but admire her. She really puts it all out there and you ultimately just want to be her friend. You want to be in her corner. Whether you agree with the choices she has made in her life, whether it be personal or professional, the bottom line is that at least you will understand why she has made the choices she has.

Eddie and new wife Leanne Rhimes
She admits she isn't perfect and that she has screwed up in the past, but she continues to try to better herself. And, you just can't hate her for it. It is her forwardness and honesty that make this book such a success and breath of fresh air. Please, go get this book. You will be happy you did.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hourglass Footwear. They're more than shoes. They are works of art!

Hello there, my lovely readers! I am very excited to talk to you about another amazing company that I have fallen in love with! They provide such a unique service, that I was just thrilled about the idea of spreading the word about this amazing company! Hourglass Footwear, based out of Seattle Washington, specializes in hand painting women's footwear to create custom shoes that are more than shoes, they are works of art! Kira Bundlie, co- creator of Hourglass Footwear, explained it very succinctly, "There are so many boring and mass produced elements in fashion these days. We wanted to create amazing custom footwear and give stylish women everywhere a more exciting option." And that is exactly what Hourglass Footwear does beautifully. It gives women more exciting choices while allowing your creativity to shine! So let's get into the details, shall we?
Property of Hourglass Footwear.

Hourglass footwear has a variety of styles including platform heels, stilettos, mid-size heels, flats and comfort. You will see the array and variety you can choose from when you visit their website at www.hourglass The process is simple! You pick the style of shoe you desire. Then you choose from an array of designs available on their site, or you can get a custom pair if desired. You can also send them your own new or lightly used, clean pair of shoes and they will design them for you. They must be leather or leather like however, so no patent or suede shoes ladies! The prices of these lovely creations range from about $140.00 - $260.00 depending on the style and design you choose. They also have a very handy FAQ section on their website for more specific inquiries, so please check 'em out! 

Hourglass Footwear was founded by Kira Bundlie and Lisa Strom. The ladies opened their virtual doors on June 7, 2012. Kira and Lisa also work closely with 10 other very talented artists, to assist them in the process of creating hand painted works of art for you to wear. They can design just about anything on your shoes. They can even put your company logo on your shoes if you wish!  If you want special shoes for your wedding day, they can do that! They sky is the limit. Use your imagination. But, do note, that the company cannot do any trade marked cartoons such as  Mickey Mouse, and the like, because those characters do have have copyrights, so them are the rules guys!  But as you can see from the pcitures here and on the web site, there are so many options that you will have plenty to choose from and love!
Property of Hourglass Footwear.

Property of Hourglass Footwear.
 Hourglass Footwear does ship internationally. Just email them, and they will be happy  to go over the shipping details with you and send you your wearable works of art! So, no matter where you are in the world, you can have a special custom designed pair of footwear just for you!
I just adore what this company is doing. What could be better than bringing art and fashion together? Am I right? So, you've decided that you want your very own pair of shoes from Hourglass. Where can you find them?

Hourglass Footwear can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Just type in Hourglass Footwear and you can find them on your favorite social networking site! I, myself, may very well be ordering a special pair of heels for a "something blue" that I hope to need in the near future! Ahem! But that's another story! *Wink, wink! 
Property of Hourglass Footwear.

So ladies, go check out Hourglass Foorwear on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or on their website WWW. You will be amazed and thrilled at the variety, and the endless possibilities! I cannot wait to get my very own pair of Hourglass heels, now I have to pick just one design! I only wish that one day I will be able to buy one pair of each design! I am just in love with these wearable pieces of art! 

One last and very cool note about this company...they worked with Jinkx Monsson, the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6. Miss. Monsoon wore a pair of Hourglass shoes made special for her for the finale of the show where she was crowned America's Next Drag Superstar! So, that is indeed very cool! Ladies, let us follow the ingenious example of Miss Monsoon and check out these works of art. I know you will not be disappointed!  

*Special thank you to Kira Bundlie for sharing her story with me about this amazing company! You are fabulous! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Katie's Kakes: Another great Buffalo small business!

Property of Katie's Kakes
I love sharing local businesses that are thriving in Western New York. It just makes me feel good to see the creative floks working it out in WNY!!!  I found this next gem by accident, and I am so happy that I did. I am thrilled to present to you Katie's Kakes.
As I often do, I was looking through numerous pages on Facebook, dreaming of my future nuptials someday. And as I  looked through some local wedding vendors, I came across Katie's Kakes, run by Katie Ferenc. This local business specializes in all sorts of baked goods, including cupcakes, special occasion cakes and , my personal favorite, wedding cakes!

Property of Katie's Kakes
As I looked through the pictures of Katie's Kakes creations, I was very impressed. The cakes are just delightful, just beautiful. I was so pleased with what I saw, that I referred a friend to Katie's Kakes, as she was looking for a new "cake lady" because her current vendor would be moving out of town soon. I knew that Katie's work would be right up her alley. And sure enough, my friend started following Katie's Facebook page immediately. I was very pleased.

Property of Katie's Kakes
So, since I am always thrilled to share local businesses with you, the reader, and I fell in love with Katie's Kakes, I felt compelled to reach out. Katie was gracious to answer a number of questions about her business. And I was so happy that she agreed to allow me to write this article for you.

I myself, have always had a passion for bake goods, and as mentioned previously, wedding cakes in particular. Katie Ferenc has always shared in the same passion, from a very young age. In fact, she started baking as soon as she was old enough to use the oven in her childhood home, at the age of 14.

Property of Katie's Kakes
Immediately Katie received accolades from school for her baking talent. And as she grew older, her passion for baking and creating continued.Katie explains the beginning of her journey, "I started selling Christmas cookies about 15 years ago after making so many that we couldn't eat them all... I worked at a restaurant in the neighborhood I grew up in and brought tins down and sold them all in less than 10 minutes."

 Quickly word of mouth spread about Katie's Kakes. As soon as people heard of Katie's work, and tasted the delicious treats on their own, emails and phone orders started coming in, in a pretty feverish pace.
As orders continued to come in, Katie decided to start a Facebook page, primarily to organize pictures of her cake creations. From that point forward, the business took on a life of it's own!

Property of Katie's Kakes
Katie is not only hard working, but also ambitious, but I guess those go hand in hand , huh? Anyway...  Her first wedding cake was a four tier fondant cake for her father's wedding! Ambitious indeed, as fondant is not an easy medium to work with, not even for the most experienced bakers. To Katie's great pleasure, the cake turned out wonderfully and was a great success. As of 2011, Katie began making wedding cakes for her clients. And as you can see from the pictures sprinkled throughout, Katie is doing a fantastic job!

Property of Katie's Kakes
She believes wholeheartedly that a cake should be as beautiful as it tastes. Both taste and aesthetics are equally important to making a successful cake. I couldn't agree more. Katie states, " I believe that a cake should not only look pretty... It should taste amazing as well! I make each order that I receive within 48 hours of the event to make sure it is fresh. I do not make cakes months in advance and freeze them. It takes me a little longer to do it this way, but I believe that is why I have grown so fast." Kudos to you Katie! 

Property of Katie's Kakes
 Katie can take anywhere from 3-5 orders per week depending on the size and complexity of the orders. And again, as you can see from the pictures throughout, Katie Ferenc is quite talented. And she is very passionate about her work (as you must be when you are doing your own thing). Per Katie, " I really enjoy turning cakes into a work of art. I treat each order as if it was for myself and I over critique every single second that I am designing the idea out. I love being a part of a person, (in most cases) I have never met, for their "most exciting moments"... And I have become friends with a lot of my customers" AWESOME KATIE! AWESOME!!!

Property of Katie's Kakes
It is my pleasure to share Katie's lovely creations with you, and I hope that you will contact her if you are ever in need of a beautiful and delicious cake for your special day! You can contact Katie via her Facebook page. Go to FB and copy the following address:

Katie it has been a pleasure to work with you for this article and I know that not only I, but also my friends, will be contacting you to make our delicious and beautiful treats in the future!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jinkx Monsoon, A colorful Queen!

                                               Jinkx Monsoon, A colorful Queen!

It is getting down to the last few girls on Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race (RPDR). And, it has been a dramatic and fascinating season thus far! I am also happy to say that my favorite queen is still in the running for the title. Her name is Jinkx Monsoon, aka Jerick Hoffer. Jinkx has been quite the underdog, in my opinion, since the beginning of season 5. She is a comedy, campy queen.

And I think a lot of the other girls counted her out of the race a long time ago. But Miss. Jinkxy, as I affectionately call her, is still standing! And how wonderful that is!! Jinkx is a well rounded queen to be sure.
by Ginger Girl Photography
Miss. Jerrick Hoffer is no stupid little boy. In fact, he graduated Summa cum Laude from Cornish college in Seattle, with a degree in Theatrical Performance. Eat it BITCHES! (Sorry I can get carried away from time to time LOL!)
And the inception of the beautiful and talented Miss. Monsoon is explained by Hoffer himself.He states,  Jinkx came to be, "From the movie Death Becomes Her, I was inspired by the crazy extent vain women will go for eternal youth, beauty, and power," He continues, "Through Lucille Ball I saw how a woman can bring you to tears with laughter with nothing more than a look. Through the Disney villains I was raised with, I saw how powerful a woman can be, and yet so deliciously evil. And through my mom, I saw not only the trials and tribulations a single mother faces every day, but also the strength and determination a woman can possess when she is trying to provide a bright future for her children." (
Hoffer continues to describe Jinkx as, "She is definitely a zany, off the wall, irreverent, gorgeous anachronism," Hoffer adds. "She simply refuses to let her audience sit idol; she is a powerhouse of song and comedy, igniting her audiences in a frenzy of laughter and sexual tension."

Jinkx is definitely a mixture of smart and cooky, sensitive and brash. And I love every bit of her! This is why I want Jinkx to take home that crown and all the winning that come with it which includes a cash prize of $100,000! Not too shabby!(

And, although Jinkxy is a load of fun and strength, it was not easy to get to where she is today. It wasn't always easy to be Jerrick. He was a gay boy, after all, and he was bullied. There were hard times to endure. But Jerrick escaped into his own world, the world of drag to express himself. Jinkxy, just like other drag queens are, is an inspiration to me. A testament of  strength and perseverance against a life that isn't always easy. Jinkx, however, has become a strong individual who graces us each week with her presence on RuPaul's Drag Race. She is just a joy to watch. She is ALL the things that she exclaims to be. She is funny. She is sensitive, and she is smart as hell!Jinkx Monsoon for the win! She IS America's Next Drag Superstar! Take cover boys and girls, it's Monsoon season!
Courtesy of paradeimages

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

RuPaul's Drag Race; MY NEW ADDICTION!

Courtesy of: Gamsorama
 RuPaul's Drag Race;

Recently I was introduced to the Logo Network. And I am so thrilled that I know of it now!  On this lovely network there is a show called RuPaul's Drag Race. Now, I have known of Ms. RuPaul for some time now. She is a quite well known Drag Queen, possibly the best known. Well, it turns out, that for five seasons now, Ru has hosted a Drag Queen competition called RuPaul's Drag Race. The competition pits 15 or so Drag Queens against each other, all looking to vie for the title of America's Next Drag Superstar!!! Oh so so delightful!!!  Along with the prestige of the title , the winner also receives cash and prizes totally tens of thousands of dollars.

Can I just tell you, this show is everything! EVERYTHING! In other words, to say that I am a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race is a severe and gross under statement.
Now, I understand that that this type of show is perhaps  not for everyone, but for those of you that are open minded enough and fabulous enough to enjoy this type of show, I implore you to watch this gem!   It is such a fun show. Beyond fun!
 I am learning so much about a culture that I previously knew nothing about! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. The Drag Queen culture, like any other, has its own norms and vocabulary. And, it is deliciously fun. Terms often used by Drag Queens are, Fishy, Sickening. All Tea, All Shade. Just to name a few.  There are also fun activities that drag queens often partake in, like "reading" each other or "throwing shade." This means that they are basically making fun of one another, but it is usually done in a positive spirit and not meant to be malicious, although it can quickly and easily cross that line if negative emotions are involved. It is quite fascinating.
As I said, right now the show is in it's 5th season and I am more addicted than ever! I have my favorite to win. And I know that I will be a fan of this show for seasons to come.
The "girls" dress in amazing outfits and compete in challenges until the "New Drag Queen Superstar" is crowned. It is such a fun show, filled with drama, laughs and even tender heartfelt tearful moments. This show is also a testament of how far the gay community has come, and how far it has yet to go. I give RuPauls Drag Race two big thumbs up!!! Go check it out!

What the hell is a Baba Booey anyway?

I was quite please to have received the autobiography of a one Mr. Gary Patrick Angelo Dell'Abate as a Christmas gift! Yippee!!! And,  thank goodness! I mean, I laid it on pretty thick prior to the holidays. If you couldn't pick up what I was throwin' down about wanting this book, then I would think you might be a wee bit dense. Thank goodness my peeps are smart. lol. If I would not have received the book , however,  I would have corrected the problem swiftly and happily with a trip to my trusty Barnes and Nobles store anyway. I just love that place!!!Buy anyway...

 As soon as I began reading the book, I just could hardly put it down. I mean, if you know me, heck if you just know the name of my blog, then you know that I am a HUGE Howard Stern fanatic, and I have been for over two decades. And, for as long as I have watched the show, and been a fan, I have always felt strongly that the real talent on the show, besides the obvious, Mr. Howard Stern himself, are the folks that work for the show.
 I have always loved the shows that focus on all the "characters" that work on The Stern show. I never really cared that much for the interviews with any goofy celebrity. I mean, some of the interviews have been super entertaining.For example, the day that Howard interviewed Sasha Baron Cohen as Borat was pretty damn funny. Cohen was in character throughout the entire interview. It was pretty amazing. Or, the interview with the legendary Sir Paul McCartney. I mean C'mon! Its Paul McCartney! But, other than those few exceptions, I am usually a fan of the shows that focus on the crazy staff that have the blessing of working for the best show on earth!

I am truly fascinated by these people that love Howard so much. That they have chosen to make the show their job, their livelihood, part of their way of life is amazing and awesome to me. And, I aam quite jealous of each and every one of them!  I just love every nook and cranny, and ridiculous detail about this show!
And, one of the main and undeniable staples of The Howard Stern show is Howard's beloved executive producer Gary Dell'Abate. But, you know.  They call him "Baba Booey." I guess the obvious next question might then be, why? Why do they call him Baba Booey? Now I have to add this disclaimer!!! This is NOT a review of the book. This brief post is just a quick synopsis of how the unrelenting Baba Booey monicker came to be. Please forgive me if I misled you. But please know, that to be sure, I recommend this book 110%!

So... In the beginning Gary actually used to be called "Boy Gary" , some almost thirty years back.  But the name was pretty unoriginal, as Howard had called his previous producer the same monicker, inserting his name. I don't remember what it was. Sorry.  Howard had also mentioned that he used to call his roommate in college "Boy."It must have been somewhat of a habit. Needless to say, it didn't stick.

Gary tells the story of the "birth" of Baba Booey.  He describes that day. It  was a day like any other on the show. At the time, Gary had begun a new popular hobby. He collected animation cells. Animation cells were original cartoon drawings, done by hand by the original artists. Some of the most popular were drawings of Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. And, since the pieces were originals, people would buy them, and keep them framed and in pristine condition,  hoping to sell them in time, as they grew in value.

So, as Gary tells it, this particular morning he was talking to Jackie Martling, a past on air personality of the show, about his animation cells. It was very early in the morning, before the show, and Gary thought it was a conversation like any other, inconsequential, no big deal. Surprisingly, as the show began, this passing topic was something that had caught Howard's interest for some reason or another, and next thing you knew Gary was on air talking to Howard about his animation cells. Gary was quite surprised, but as always, Gary was happy to talk about himself at any given chance. Howard was perplexed. Was he collecting cartoons? Howard asked in the most ridiculous and condescending way possible. But, Gary was happy to explain about his new found hobby. He was particularly excited about some new cells that he wanted to get his hands on. Animation cells of Baba Looey. Except he didn't say Baba Looey! This mistake would follow him for the rest of his life. He said Baba Booey.

Howard laughed, and repeated Baba Looey?Yeah Baba Booey Gary continued.Howard was thrilled with Gary's silly slip up. Baba Booey! Baba Booey!
But soon,oon the bit was over, and Gary thought that was the end of it all. Gary continued back to his office, assuredly pleased to have had his time on air with Howard.  The show returned from commercial. And at that point, the name returned too. Howard continued, Baba Booey, Baba Booey! He was loving it! Howard called for Gary. Baba Booey Baba Booey! It was so silly, Gary thought. Of course this would never stick! And that, my friends,  is how  a Baba Booey is born!

Gary, Baba Booey, Dell'Abate was his name from that point on. And, Baba has undoubtedly been an integral part of The Howard Stern Show for the last three decades. Gary loves his job and he loves Howard. And, Howard loves him. But, Howard never misses a chance to verbally torture Gary at any chance possible. It is their relationship. And that is how it is.  Gary just knows how to be a good sport about it. Baba Booey explains that he very much enjoys the chaos of the Howard Stern show. To him, it makes him feel like he is part of a family. Gary is familiar with craziness. He has lived with it his whole life.
So now when Howard is aggravated at something that Gary does or does not do, many variations of the Baba Booey name are spewed out at any given moment. There is fa fa flohi, Ma ma monkey, and so on. Howard really is relentless about it. But, as much crap as he dishes out, there is no doubt that he loves his producer, and that Gary is one of Howard's great friends.

This book was just delightful. What a gem! It was a great insight into the crazy life of the producer of probably the most insane show in entertainment, EVER! It was vulnerable and pained, but it was a triumph to be sure. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is a Howard Stern fan. The book was wonderfully written. It was both gut wrenching at times and hysterical at others. It is certainly he kind of book that you are sad to finish because you just want to hang out with Gary and the people in his life just a little bit longer. It was just good.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

THE MAKE-UP GURU YouTube Craze!!!

Courtesy of: Showlee
I have been a consistent watcher of YouTube for the past year or so. One thing that I have come across during my tube searching the YouTube world, is an abundance of channels dedicated to beauty, and I mean all things beauty! These videos include make up tutorials, make up reviews,and even some pretty amazing make up give aways.The ladies and gentlemen who put on these vids are theself proclaimed Make Up Gurus of YT.

They talk about, and demonstrate all they love and dislike about beauty products, and it runs the gamut from DIY skin care to how to find the best high end concealers, and everything in between. And, like with everything else in this world, there are those folks who excel at their work, and some who are still working on bettering their craft. One thing is for sure, however, these folks are a brave lot.They have the nerve to put themselves out there and show their faces to the world, regardless of any criticism they may get! And, believe me, when you are on YouTube, you will get some evil comments shot at you. And, mostly, it's for no good reason!

I find this YouTube community fascinating! Firstly, because, like most girls, I love make up! Secondly, because I love to learn new things. And, that is what you get from these videos. You get an education on make-up and how to care for your body to enhance it's beauty, and I love it!
I have learned a bunch of great stuff. It is almost like having your own cosmetology school, without the need for financial aid. I think it's a good thing.

If you're like me, and you enjoy make-up and want to learn more, please go check out one of these videos. One of the first videos I watched, was a video on how to make your lashes look longer.

Look, this isn't rocket science, but it's just fun. I really enjoy learning about new products and new techniques. I've also made friends with some of the folks through Facebook and Twitter.
And, if you are wondering where to start, or what gurus I enjoy, please feel free to ask me! You can message me on twitter @Havanamama!
Have fun with it guys!